Our service allows you to copy trades from other traders on BitMEX


How to connect the CrocoBot to my BitMEX account?

First of all, you need Api keys with permission to create orders that you can create here. Then enter them here and press "next". Select a trader from the list and enter the risk multiplier you want. Then click "Start copying" and a bitcoin address will appear to pay for the subscription. The bot will automatically start copying trades after payment.

What is risk multiplier?

It is a number meaning how many times your risk will be higher or lower than the risk of the trader.

How is calculated order quantity in created orders?

It is calculated by the formula:
Trader's order quantity * (Your balance / Trader's balance) * your risk multiplier

Is secure to give you my api keys?

Yes, because we don't require permission for withdrawal. If you want to register as a trader, you api keys may not have any permissions at all.

Can I connect the bot and trade manually on the same account?

No, you can't. The bot will cancel orders and close all you manually opened positions.

Can I change my risk multiplier while the bot is working?

Yes, you can.

Why do I have not all trader's orders?

There are two possible reasons. First is that the trader have open position but you don't. If so, than just wait until the trader closes his position. You can also open position by hand, but be sure pause the CrocoBot if you manually placing limit orders. Another possible reason is that you account is out of free margin. If so, than you should decrease you risk multiplier.

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